At The Deadhorse, we are throwing San Angelo’s best party. While a little naughty behavior can be a lot of fun, the following types of conduct will not be tolerated:


Aggression and harassment of any kind, including verbal abuse of staff or any other patron of the venue.

Fighting will get you Barred – period!

Intoxication… It’s all about self control baby!

It is the discretion of the door staff to allow or deny entry!


All persons must also be aware that in the spirit of TABC Regulations, we as the operator, reserve the right to refuse liquor service, remove individuals or simply refuse entry to any individual we deem to be quarrelsome, disorderly, riotous, that may pose a threat to or cause disruption to the business.


At The Deadhorse, variety is truly the spice of life. With such a diverse clientele ranging from business people looking to cut loose, to the hard-partying rockers, it is impossible to institute a dress code, nor do we want to. At The Deadhorse, we do not have a dress code, however we do have an attitude code. Regardless of what your get-up looks like, the most important thing to wear is a smile.


The only attire that we will not accept is: gang/club affiliated colors, emblems, or patches…team uniforms, hats, etc.

You know what’s up. Don’t be a knucklehead.