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“The Deadhorse San Angelo Texas. A real rock n roll club!”

That’s what Tracii Guns of L.A. Guns answered when asked by Australian website Mystic Metal what his favorite venue was.

Interviewer:  Can you recall a favourite venue?

Tracii Guns:  The Deadhorse San Angelo Texas. A real rock n roll club!

You can read the whole interview at this link:

L.A. Guns latest release, the Deluxe Reissue of Shrinking Violet, contains 5 bonus live tracks recorded at The Deadhorse!

In a recent interview with The Chicago Examiner, Tracii Guns chatted about the reissue of Shrinking Violet.

The Chicago Examiner: The reissue of Shrinking Violet includes never-before-heard bonus live tracks of “Decide,” “Rip And Tear,” “Never Enough,” “The Ballad Of Jayne,” and “One More Reason.”  The production of these five live tracks is crisp, clean, and worth the price of the CD alone.

Tracii Guns: “A friend of mine owned a bar called The Deadhorse  in San Angelo, Texas,” explains Tracii Guns, “Pretty soon I think he’s going to own the City of San Angelo [laughs] and he has some recording equipment  rigged together that’s kind of mixed in with the PA stuff at his club and when I booked L.A. Guns there he told me, ‘Hey, we’ve got 24-track recording capabilities so if you want to do something.’  And I said yeah, it never hurts to record.  And it turned out really good and he actually gave me the files that night when I left the show – he said, ‘Here – here’s your record.'”

Guns continues:  “So when we did the deal with Favored Nations we asked, well what do we have from Shrinking Violet that would make people want to buy this record again?  And that was the one thing that we had done was the live stuff so Neil Citron, who worked with Steve Vai a lot on a lot of his records – engineering, mixing, stuff like that – he’s the one who got the call and I think he did an amazing job.  I listen to that stuff and the songs sound like a 70’s live record, I love it.  That’s the thing, I try to maintain that un-professionalism mixed in with the fact that I’m 44 and I am a professional, and sometimes it’s hard to let go of wanting things to be perfect.  But I think when it comes down to the music I think I know what we should sound like – it just should be kind of loud and obnoxious.” Guns chuckles, “I think that’s what we’re supposed to sound like.”

You can read the whole interview at this link:

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Drink Specials
Live Music! No Cover! *

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